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It's time to transform your business goals into something tangible. Like new clients. And dollars. Lots and lots of dollars. Let's cut through the clutter and simplify your marketing with a customized digital strategy.



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The internet influenced sales to the tune of $2.1 trillion dollars last year. Now, how much of that money made its way to you? If you're like most small business owners, you're missing out on opportunities online to grow your customer-base. If you have a cohesive online identity (a properly-implemented logo, a website, a Facebook business page), you've taken an important first step. But unless you are consistently seeing high levels of engagement on your FB page, or you're receiving leads via the contact form on your website, you've only completed the first step. A well-executed marketing strategy will put you ahead of the pack ...and that's where I come in.

"Simplicity is
the ultimate sophistication."

- Leonardo da Vinci


but better

We're all inundated with more. More data, more information, more options, more choices, more demands on our time. As a result, there's been a plummet in our ability to focus and we're doing things haphazardly. A colleague recommends a customer management system and you sign up. You hear email campaigns are making a comeback so you go online and sign up. A speaker at a conference says you could be marketing to 700 million people on Instagram if you had an account, so you go to the app store on your phone and sign up. Repeat ad nauseam.

The problem is if you don't have time to research which programs matter to your target audience and engage with them properly, you will never see a return on your investment. I would like to propose you can do less but achieve more with focus, clarity and thoughtfulness. 

Our roadmap
for your
digital success

What problem do you solve?

Together, we'll clarify this answer

and effectively convey it to

your audience.




1. Online

If you're coming up short - not getting conversions, not generating traffic or leads - there's a reason. In fact, there are probably a lot of reasons. After our initial meeting I'll examine your digital footprint, compare it to your competitors' and then share my analysis with you. I'll go over the things you're doing well; the opportunities you haven't yet seized; and lastly the areas where you've not only fallen short but possibly made some mistakes.

2. Content Marketing

You've likely heard the old marketing adage 'Content is king.' It's still true and especially online. It is the most powerful element of inbound marketing and when it's done right, it levels the playing field so you are able to compete with the giants in your industry (who have undoubtedly spent a sizable fortune to get where they are). Your content marketing plan will be two-fold: one for sales, the other for brand-building. Together we'll determine your ideal channel selections and create an editorial calendar. This will help you gain brand authority, new business opportunities and higher quality clients.


3. Digital Strategy

Evolve your online presence with a customized digital marketing strategy. After we've completed your online audit and determined the best platforms to reach your target audience, we'll work together to establish your core business objectives. Armed with this information, we'll customize a plan complete with both short and long-term goals. We'll determine the exact metrics for measuring your success which will also serve as a way for you to calculate the return on your investment in working with me.  


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As a solo entrepreneur, I work with a limited number of clients each year and prefer longer engagements as it provides us the opportunity to dig deep into your core market. We'll be able to explore the content and campaigns that resonate with your audience. On a weekly basis, we'll review the results of our work; throwing out what's not working and turning up the volume on what is. While I enjoy the psychology and analysis components of this work, I am focused on metrics. I’ve worked with large retail budgets, but discovered that I can produce results and provide market clarity with monthly spends of $500.


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